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NOTE: This appointment calendar is for all TrueBlue Associate brands: on-demand, craftspeople, skilled trades, TrueBlue part-time employees, PeopleScout part-time flex, and Centerline casual drivers.

1: TrueBlue Associates, schedule your open enrollment or new hire appointment using the appropriate links below

2: Please use your mobile or direct phone number when booking your appointment, do not use a general work number unless it dials directly to only you

3: A counselor will call you for your scheduled appointment from telephone number 888-583-7575 so please look for a call from this number on your scheduled date at your scheduled appointment time

4: If you are a new hire associate, you must enroll within 30 days of receiving your first paycheck. If your deadline to enroll falls on a weekend, please make sure to schedule your appointment during a weekday prior to the weekend of your enrollment deadline. Exceptions will not be made if you do not enroll due to your deadline falling on a weekend day.

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